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Obereg Security Group


The history of Obereg Security Group has begun in 1991. Since that time we have passed the long way from the Private Security Company to the Group of United Security Companies, each of which specializes in providing particular security service, meanwhile all together they ensure all available modern security services.

For more than 20 years, we have accumulated all necessary experience and skills that allow us to offer our Client high-quality security maintenance of any kind.

Presently we are ready to take any challenge that our Client propose us: guarding small locations as well as providing an integrated security system of the big facilities, setting video surveillance and organizing close protection for any person including very important likewise.

Today, Obereg Security Group consists of five specialized private security companies and includes corporate Recruitment Agency and Security School that provide us with high-level security guards and the managerial staff.



Obereg Security Group provides the following services:

  • Location security (pharmacies and hospitals, schools and kindergartens, banks, hotels, office centers, parking lots and gas stations, shops and malls, bars, clubs and restaurants, jewelry stores, yacht clubs, warehouses, construction sites, private houses, cottages and apartments etc.)
  • Technical security (centralized security control, security alarm system, video surveillance, access control, panic button, burglar alarm, GSM alarm system etc.)
  • Personal security (bodyguards and chauffeur-bodyguards, armed if needed)
  • Cargo security and mass event security services
  • Employee testing on a lie detector
  • Location patrol with guard dogs etc.

We offer security services in Moscow city, Moscow region and nearby towns.



Obereg Security Group operates entirely according to the following rules and norms:

  • Legislation of the Russian Federation
  • International Law
  • The corporate Code of Ethics



Address: 26V Bolshaia Pochtovaia St, Bldg 2, Moscow 105082

Telephone: +7 (495) 646 01 15

E-mail: info@o-bereg.ru



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Наши преимущества

Наши преимущества

Стоимость охраны

Пакет «Стандарт»

От 90 000 руб.

Логистика, коттеджные поселки, жк, паркинги, стройки

Пакет «Стандарт +»

От 108 000 руб.

Торговые центры, рестораны, отели, магазины

Пакет «Премиум»

От 121 000 руб.

Ювелирные магазины, ломбарды, гостиницы 5*, личная охрана

Лицензии на охранную деятельность

Лицензия 1 Лицензия 2 Лицензия 3 Лицензия 4
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